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Welcome to the Dragon's Byte

My name is "Ryanek" and I am a "Water Dragon"
from the clan "Watyr". My mate (Kyrie) and I
are new to this realm of Land Dragons.
It would take too long to get into the details of how
we came to this realm, so I have scribed our adventures
in the table below. So far we have met some very nice dragons
and humans that have befriended us. One in particular is "Draggin' Mama".
She has taken us under her wing and showed us this vast realm
...she is someone close to our hearts.
I should also mention another dragon friend
we call "Granny Dragon" she is also someone very
special to us. With this we would like to welcome you all to
our world and hope you enjoy your stay while you are here. If
you are ever in need of a dragon or two please do not hesitate to
contact us and we would be glad to help in any way we can.
Our human names are Murray and Leslie. Be sure to visit my mates site
"Bookwyrms & Artysts" and get to know her too.

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Please help yourself to anything on our table below. 
Be sure to come back for seconds,
there is plenty for everyone......all we ask
is that you scratch your name
on our we know where to send the bill....even Dragons have
a sense of
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Ryanek the Water-Dragon
Alberta, Canada

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