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Welcome to the RPG Headquarters, where you will find: REVIEWS, CHEATS and LINKS to some of what I think are the best roleplaying games to date.

I started to play the rpg's later in life; I was about 28 or 29 yrs old. My first experience with the rpg format was with the Nintendo Entertainment System.....Yah...I know...that makes me pretty darn old to most of the rpg'ers these days but hey, you're NEVER too old to have some fun..right? My first rpg was called "Links Adventures" ( I think???). It was the very first of the "Legend of Zelda" series. I spent hours on that game and still play for hours on end with my "Playstation". YUP..that's right I am a "PLAYSTATION" FAN. GREAT GAMES...but the system does suck sometimes. I now HAVE to play my games with the machine turned upside down, something about the system overheating and it seems to do a lot of that.....oh well what a guy has to put up with to play his games.....LOL.

In my "REVIEW" section I will be reviewing the games that I have actually played, so I can give you my honest opinion about the ups and downs of that particular game. Mind you this will be MY perspective only and others might not share my opinions and that is just fine with me. I will also have a RATING system for the games I review so be sure to check that out also. Be sure to let me know whether you agree or disagree and I will post the results so others can see if that particular game is a GREAT, GOOD, FAIR, or DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY GAME.

The "CHEAT" section will have as many cheats as I can get my hands on. Although cheats for the RPG's are hard to come by, but I will do my best and snoop around for them. If you see a certain game here that you have played or know of any cheats for them PLEASE let me know and I will post it witha CREDIT to you for letting me use it. ooohhh I can see it now YOUR name in LIGHTS......well maybe not that spectacular...LOL....So as you will see I am going to start out with a list of some of the "PLAYSTATION" games I have played to date. Some of them are old and some are pretty recent.....As time permits this site will eventually get really BIG!!! I am crossing my fingers. If you have any IDEAS for this site PLEASE let me know either by e-mail or by SIGNING my I go to figure out a plan of ATTACK!!!!!!!...............Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......Argggggghhh....thud...thud....pant....pant....sniff....sniff......OUCH!!!!!!


SONY Beyond the Beyond RPG - Quest
PSYGNOSIS Chronicles of the Sword 3-D Point & Click - Solve Puzzles
ASCII Kings Field First-Person - RPG
SSI Warhammer - Shodow of the Horned Rat Medieval - Stratagey - Sim
SQUARESOFT Finall Fantasy VII RPG - 3 cd's long
SONY Wild Arms RPG - Quest
KONAMI Vandal Hearts RPG - Quest
KONAMI Suikoden RPG - Quest - Over 100 possible characters
CRYSTAL DYNAMICS Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen RPG - Adventure - Puzzle Solving
ATLUS Persona - Revelations RPG - Multiple Endings
CAPCOM Resident Evil 1 & 2 3-D Explore & Shoot RPG
ELECTRONIC ARTS Overblood 3-D Explore & Shoot
PLAYMATES Power Slave RPG - Action - 20 Levels
ORIGIN Crusader - No Remorse RPG - Gather Weapons and Destroy
ACCLAIM "D" 3-D Adventure/Horror - Point & Click