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throw a coin

After your head stops spinning you realize that you have materialized at a warm peaceful shrine. The running water is a soothing sound. You almost forget what just happened...."Where am I"? you blurt out. "How did I get here"? Just then a voice says to you "Well you must have teleported here. It's the only way to get in here besides flying, and by the looks of you I KNOW you didn't fly in here" chuckled the owl. "I need to get back to the castle, do you know the way, Owl"? "Well, the only HUMAN way is to pay tribute to the "Dragon Shrine" by throwing a coin into the water" explains the owl. You will then teleport out again...but there is no guarantee where you will end up. Shrugging your shoulders you reach into your pockets and dig out your only gold coin. "Well here goes nothing" you say as you toss the coin into the water. A thick fog begins to gather around you and you hear a faint voice say "Good luck human" then fade away........*!*

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