Chapter 2
After hours of searching Ryanek turns back, picking up a claw full of fish on the way for Kyrie. Entering the cave, he finds Kyrie still asleep. He knows he'll have to tell her the bad news. It seems they are truly the only ones that had survived. He has already accepted this, but Kyrie, he knows, will always hold that little bit of hope in her heart. Gazing at his loved one, Ryanek lays down beside her and drifts off to sleep himself.
Moments later the smell of fish wakes Kyrie. She turns to see Ryanek fast asleep. "He must be exhausted" she thought. She makes her way over to the meal Ryanek brought her and quickly devours it. She is feeling well rested and much stronger now. She checks her damaged wing only to find it has fully healed. "Hmmm, That's strange" she mumbles". "This should have taken a few days to heal completely.
With a shrug of her shoulders she walks to the caves opening and sits at the edge of the cliff. The salty ocean air is somewhat soothing to her. As she gazes at the vast ocean waters; a feeling of sadness come over her. She starts to recall the past events and tears begin to well up in her eyes. She knows Ryanek would have woken her if he had found any of the others. Knowing this she takes a deep breath and decides she must be as strong for him as he has been for her. They will get through this together. All they have left is each other now.
Feeling the need to stretch her wings, she takes to the skies making sure to stay close by. She soars in circles a short way from the cave's entrance. She is a little surprised how little effort is needed to stay aloft. The warm summer breeze seems to carress her massive wings. She starts to relax and forget why and how they arrived here. "I could get used to this," she sighs.
Suddenly out of nowhere an arrow goes whizzing past her, just missing her neck. Another.....then another....and another. She veers left and right trying to avoid the shower of arrows. Looking down she can make out the forms of creatures she has never seen before. She starts to panic and can see no escape. She cries out for response.
The air is getting thick with arrows. So far none have hit. She is starting to get desperate and suddenly a voice cries out to her. "This way! Over here! Hurry!".
She turns and looks over her shoulder to see a figure by the cliff, motioning to her. She can't quite make out who or what it is, but the voice, for some reason, sounded trusting to her.
She heads toward the cliff and the figure is now gone.
"Where are you?" she screams.
"In here," shouts the voice. Look down!"
Just below her is an opening in the cliff. She dives toward it. The arrows clang and bounce off the rocky surface as she enters the narrow crevass.
Once inside, she stands panting and shaking from this unexpected attack.
"You are safe now," says the voice.
"Wh....who are you?" Kyrie says in a quivering voice.
The figure steps out from the shadows and replies.
"Why I am one of you.....we are family".
Kyrie can not believe what she is seeing. Here standing before her is a creature that looks like her, but is different also. It is another dragon but not of the Watyr Dragon Clan. She just stares in wonderment. There is a long moment of silence.....Kyrie is dumbfounded.
"Are you alright, my dear?" says the other dragon in a soothing tone.
Kyrie finally snaps out of it and replies. "Wh...what?"
"Are you all right?" asks the voice,
"Yes, I think so.....What did you mean by 'We are Family'?"
"Well let me introduce myself first,
"My name is Draggin Mama.  I am a Land Dragon
and Guardian to all who live in my realm"
"I can see you are not a land dragon, but you are a dragon just the same.
And that, my dear, makes us Family"
"Who were those creatures that attached me?
Why would they do that?  I did not provoke them in any way".
"Well, those creatures are called humans. They are not all like that.
Some are just scared of what they don't know or understand.
As a matter of fact, I have quite a few human friends.
You will meet some of them later.  So... my Dear, what is your name,
and how did you come to be here?"
"Oh.....I'm sorry, my name is Kyrie.  I am a Watyr Dragon,
from the Ocean realm of Atlantyss.
My Mate Ryanek and I....Oh No!
Ryanek!..We have to go see Ryanek" Kyrie shouted.
"Calm down Kyrie, we will go find your mate.
You lead the way and I will follow.  The humans are gone for now"
Kyrie leads Draggin Mama to the cave to find Ryanek.
Entering the cave Kyrie shouts to Ryanek "Ryanek, I'm back!"
There was no answer...further into the cave they went.  Again Kyrie calls for her mate
still no reply, "Where is he?" she worriedly asks.
Draggin Mama wraps a reassuring wing around Kyrie and
whispers "We will find him...come with me for now, it will be safer."

The End

More Chapters to come. So stay tuned.


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