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On this page I would like to share with you some artwork I have done of some of my DRAGON FRIENDS. I hope to have some of these friends worked into my DRAGON Short Story some time in the future. So, keep an eye out for them as my story progresses. These are just a sample of some of my artwork, and also my mate's (Kyrie) art will be displayed here too.
So sit back and have a gander at these characters.

Please be patient as the graphics load. Thank you

The Wizard....Zoltarz...beware of his mighty magic!!
This Mystic wizard Zoltarz has the power to summon dragons and then give them the power to change into human form.

Harrod the Troll...he looks sad but he will cheer up
"Harrod" the Troll really wants to apprentice with the wizard "Zoltarz"....he is a clumsy troll so watch out!!

Zoltarz and Ryanek (that's me of course) What a handsome dragon don't you think?..LOL
Zoltarz giving Ryanek (me) the power to change into human form. I wonder what I will look like in human form?

Ryanek in his semi-human form
This Dragon Warrior is Ryanek in his "semi-human" form. Thanks to my mate "Kyrie" for drawing this portrait..

Allixer the Dark Elf....a brave  and trustworthy ally
"Allixer" He used to slay dragons...that is... until he met with the mighty Water Dragon ....."Ryanek".

Shardana the Valkryie warrior
"Shardana" the valkryie warrior is kind of sweet on "Allixer" the dark elf....but he does not no it yet.

Alien Druid Priestess.....Shyronyde
Know one really knows where "Shyronyde" came from but she is not from THIS world anyway.

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Well that is it for now. Be sure to let me know what you think and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK.
The characters, Zoltarz, Harrod, Ryanek and Allixer were drawn by myself "Murray Cholowsky" aka "Ryanek"
Characters; "Shardana", "Shyronyde" and "Ryanek" (human form) were drawn by my wife "Leslie Cholowsky" aka "Kyrie"
PLEASE respect all the HARD WORK we put into theses and DO NOT COPY them in any way.
If you would like to use any of them just contact us and we will see what we can do.
We could even come up with a character for you if you like. Just give us the details and we will try and work on it.
Thank you so much for dropping by the DRAGON'S BYTE and we hope you will return soon. the way a VOTE for me in the Site Fights would be greatly appreciated too. That is if you liked my site.
*If anyone knows where these "ANIMATED FLAMES" came from PLEASE let me know so I can credit the ORIGINAL ARTIST*
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