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Beyond the Beyond, Chronicles of the Sword, King's Field, Warhammer - Shadow of the Horned Rat.


A game, released by Sony, filled with 3-D graphics. Not by todays standards, but in 1995/96 when it was released, the graphics were pretty good. With a vast array of camera angles, the fight scenes in this game are awsome. Hordes of caves, villages and castles make for some great treasure hunting. This game did not receive rave reviews from the critics, but I don't think it was a write off myself. Every game has its ups and downs, and I think it would still be a good purchase, heck I bought it and finished it in about a week. Although I have played better RPG's, this one gets 5 out of 10 "BYTES" from my rating system.



Lorelei: After getting the "Ancient Tablet" in "Barbaros Castle", walk through the right door (the one that leads to the cleric). Go forward to the stairs that lead up & walk into the nearby walls pushing a block that will reveal a hidden passage. Talk to the guard and receive a "Bronze Key". After that walk down the stairs and unlock the door to meet "Lorelei". Then go see the King and witness the non-interactive scene. Leave the castle and "Lorelei" will join your party.

Percy:At the end of the cave that leads to "Quamdar", a "Black Knight" will attack you. "DO NOT" fight him, and after about 15 or so rounds he will stop his attack and run away. This Knight is really "Percy" and he will join your party after this event, when you see him at the end of the cave. He is a valued addition to your team.

Hidden Cinema:While the game is "Loading" press "Down" on the directional pad and "O" button at the same time to see a hidden cinema. I can't remember what it shows you, so you will have to try it and see.....oohh...ahhhh!!!


This "point & click" adventure is set in the days of King Arthur. You play as "Gawain" and your mission is to dispose of King Arthur's evil half-sister. The game play is slow and frustrating at times. Gathering clues has your character going back and forth a lot. But the really great graphics somewhat make it bearable. It is easy to get discouraged playing this game and even a little boring because there are not a lot of monsters/enemies to fight here. When I played this game I eventually came to a dead end and couldn't figure out what to do next. I was stuck in the castle dungeon and could not get out. I tried everything, but to no avail. I eventually gave up, put the game away and then sold it some time later, (and I don't give up that easily). You would enjoy this game if you had the patience and problem solving skills to figure this one out. I SURE DIDN'T......LOL. So, I think I am being REALLY generous by giving this game 3 out of 10 BYTES.....again it is the GRAPHICS that make this game. Sorry , there are no Cheats or Tips for this game.


Even though 1st-person RPG's don't usally appeal to me, I thought I would give this one a try. I really didn't mind it at first. I played it for a couple of weeks and made some headway, but......yup you're right didn't finish this one either. Throughout the entire game ( I feel) you are at a disadvantage with a slow moving character being persued by faster moving monsters. Even the smaller enemies seem to take forever to annihilate. To me, this makes the battles unfair and drawn out, taking away any enthusiasm as you advance through the maze of levels. You just grit your teeth as you frantically try to find the next save point. Here is another one that gets 3 out of 10 BYTES. Don't get me wrong I DO like a challenge, but sometimes a game just isn't fun anymore and you move on to another. Sorry,there are no Cheats or Tips for this one either.


This is more of a Strategy/Simulation RPG and was based on a popular board game. The game play is a little slow, but that is usually the way most of these types of games are. You just don't jump in and kill everything in sight. You need to have a plan of attack and place your regiments strategically. Check out the enemy regiments and send the unit that will have the best chance at victory against that particular enemy unit. There are some hidden treasures throughout the game but they are not visible and to find them you literally have to stumble over them to know they are there. You build your army as you progress in the game by meeting leaders of other rebel armies. You may even meet some magical wizards that lend you a hand at a distance and should NEVER be involved in hand to hand keep them well protected!!!. The button comands in this game don't respond very well and you need to have the manual open nearly all the time. Still I think this is a pretty good game, and would recommend it to anyone. This will receive 6 BYTES out of 10........yeah...CHARGE..!!!!!.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......clang....clang....swish....swish.....uh...oh....ahhhhhhh.....

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