Welcome to the "Hall of Pillars"
ivy bar
Here you will find the many entryways in the "Dragon's Byte" Castle. Walk carefully
and try not to get lost, for there are many hidden traps and passageways. Be sure to
check the walls,floors and pillars for secret doors and switches you never
know what you might find...heee...heee...And if bychance you happen across
the owners of this majestic castle; be sure to offer them a jesture of
good will. They would just love to build up their stash of treasures.
You have no treasure to offer you
say?....hmmm..well I once saw one of the villagers get away
with just scribing their names in the "royal Scroll"....
Mind you it had to be written in their blood, but
that is a small price to pay in order to live.
mwahawhawhaw...oops got carried away
there *grin*. Enjoy your stay and
be to sure to bring all your
friends next time you
drop in for a visit
well, if there
is a next
I am watching you
 torch torch
If you come accross a room that is totally DARK move your mouse
around the page to find a "torch" or "light switch" and click on it!! GOOD LUCK!!
 There are 7 linked areas here...choose your path!!!
what's behind door #1??what's behind door #2what's behind door #3?what's behind door #4?what's behind door #5?do you really want to press this switch?do you really want to press the switch?
*Hey...pssst...can I ask a favor of you? We have to whisper so the "Dark One" won't hear us...shhhhhh
I was playing a hide-and-go-seek game with my twin brother (Wryn) and my cousin (Stynz) and I am
afraid I have had no luck in finding them *sniff*...Oh my name is Tryn by the way. If you spot them somewhere
in the castle I would REALLY appreciate it if you could help me find them.
Oh and be carefull the "Dark One" is always watching you*

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