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Polar the DragonProud Parent of Polar
CANADIAN DRAGONS are some of the proudest dragons you will find anywhere.

My Site Fight Motto/Cheer
Site Fight Motto/Cheer
This Is what I think the Site Fights are ALL about.
Good Luck to All who are involved.

Given to me as a gift and for GOOD LUCK in theSITE FIGHTS

Welcome all to my spirit page. Please bear with me for I have just started this page and will be adding a lot more to it in the near future. Thanks for visiting my Dragon Spirit page. I am no longer in the Site Fights, but wanted to keep this page up to let others see what the Fights are all about. FRIENDLY FIGHTING!!! 


With wings so vast
No longer in the past
DRAGON'S are here
To roar their cheer
Lighting up the sky
For passers by
Fighting the friendly fight
Then off into the night
A reminder for you
DRAGON'S need love too
So vote for us
Without a fuss
You just might find
We DRAGON'S are kind
So I leave you all with this little thought
And would like to say THANKS A LOT!!

Written by "Ryanek" of the "Watyr Dragon Clan"


HOLLY SMOKERS looky what I have here!! My VERY FIRST SITE FIGHT AWARDS!!! YEEHHAAWW!!! Thank you soooo VERY much Dragon Fairys & Fairy Cobweb.

I survived the NEST!!!
I have survived the NEST and I'm on my way to the CAVERNS..see you there!!!

I would like you to consider voting for as many sites as you can here at the SITE FIGHTS. I can tell you that it is all about supporting your friends and nieghbors, meeting new people and making new friends. I have seen some of these FANTASTIC SITES and I can tell how much work these people have put into them. So if you can find the time a VOTE FOR EVERYONE would be very generous. Thank you so much for stopping by my realm and I hope you can return soon. If you have any questions about how to get around to the various sites here at the Site Fights, just e-mail me and I will point you in the right direction. You can start (of course) with the Darksbane Dragons (my team). Just click on the name and you will be taken to the realm of the DRAGONS.
Oh and help yourself to a SPIRIT STICK there is plenty of spirit to go around. Pass it on to a friend if you like.

DScary Fairy's Awesome Spirit Page Award
Oh...GOODIE!! I got another award!! Thank you very much "DScary Fairy"

CHEER AWARD     Guestbook Award!!! More AWARDS!!! Just how big is my head getting now?? hee..hee :-} This is what happens when you SHOUT IT OUT and SIGN THOSE GUESTBOOKS!! SO get out there and let your SPIRIT SOAR!!! {{{{{{{{RRRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!}}}}}}}}

Thank you DGeneration Xer's!!
Special Thanks to the DGeneration Xer's for this award. Please visit their site and VOTE for them by clicking on the award above.

Dragons Byte button          GO DRAGONS!!
Thanks to Meg for making this Dragon's Byte button for me. You can visit her site by clicking on the Dragon's Byte button above.

Dragon Fairies' Dragon Spirit Award I am a VERY SPOILED DRAGON :o} Thank you for giving me such an honour ;o} Those Dragon Fairies are THE BEST!!!

Spirit Wand
With ALL the awards I have gotten lately I thought it was time to give something back. So here is the "SPIRIT WAND" that my mate was kind enough to make for me. This wand is FREE to ALL who would like to have it. My way of saying thank you to everyone who has made this Site Fight a SPECIAL place to be, and for anyone else that decided to grace my page with their presence. THANKS AGAIN!!!

I'm off to the MOUNTAINS!!!
Good things come to those who wait. After two weeks in the caverns I am advancing to the MOUNTAINS!!! *YEEHAW*!!! :o}

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!

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