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The Adventures of "Ryanek & Kyrie"

The sun was setting in the western sky, it's reddish orange blaze reflecting off the tranquil ocean waters. The silence was deep and ominous, almost a tangible omen of things to come.

Suddenly the still waters began to stir, bubbles breaking the surface, steadily increasing until the ocean was boiling with fury. White water crested in a multitude of rings, washing outward, pounding atop each other relentlessly.

From the depths rose a muffled screech, gradually growing in intensity. With a roar two beasts shot out of the water, soaring skyward in a blur. Higher and higher they rose until they became a part of the darkening sky itself.

Together the pair hovered, looking down on the quieting waters of the ocean. Their countenances were stricken with panic and disbelief. Nothing was spoken between the two for quite some time. Hours passed and the ocean waters finally were calm once again as they floated in the night sky. Their eyes met, and the sadness and grief weighed heavy upon their faces. He edged closer to her, gently wrapping his wing around her. All he could do for now was comfort her. With a gentle nudge he turned her around and they flew off to find shelter.

Dawn arrived to find Kyrie and Ryanek huddled in a cave high atop a cliff, waking to the sounds of the waves crashing into the rocky shore below. Chosen because of it's proximity to their former ocean home, this would be a temporary home for now. Ryanek was doing his best to protect his mate, alarmed because neither had ever been this long out of the water, their normal habitat. They did not know how or why, but they seemed to be able to tolerate this new environment. They could breath the air just like water, and soar the skies with the same weightlessness on their great wings.

"Ryanek.....Ryanek....What should we do?" Kyrie asked in a quivering voice. Ryanek, now staring into the vast ocean, lowered his head slowly and turned to his beloved mate. Before he could speak, Kyrie cried "Our home is gone, everything is gone, ...How could this have happened? There was no warning! The Others! Where are they? Didn't anyone else get away?" She turned to him, pleading, "We have to find them, we have to go and look for them" "Ryanek, please!" "Shhh" he soothed, in a comforting tone, "Yes, we will go and look for them, but for now you have to rest. That tear in your wing will take a few days to heal. I will look around and bring us back something to eat." He wrapped her in a brief hug, "now lay down and rest, I will be back soon."

Kyrie nestled down into a corner of the cave, while Ryanek stepped cautiously to the cave's edge. Still not quite sure how this will work. He knows he can fly, they did it last night, but in all the horror and fear he really hadn't paid attention to the mechanics of flight. He opened up his wings and teetered on the edge, his claws gripping tightly onto the rock. A breeze picked up and before he realized it he was again soaring effortlessly over the ocean, his huge wings fully extended beside him.

As he flew across the ocean he started to think back about what had happened last night. He thought about his home, Atlantyss, his parents and good friends. As a Guardian, he felt a keen sense of betrayal to his clan and to his fellow Guardians. Everything had happened so fast though, there had been no time to act, only react. He remembered he and Kyrie were on their way back from a perimeter patrol, and the ocean floor below had suddenly began to heave and shake violently. They had tried to hurry back then, to Atlantyss, before it got any worse, but it was all in vain. The city had been falling down around them. The water temperature rising by the moment with lava starting to billow from great chasms opening in the ocean floor. It had become harder and harder to see, everything became murky and his sense of direction had been lost.

At one point he had turned to find Kyrie gone, frantically he had searched around him, with no sign of her. The rumblings had increased to a huge roar as the ocean floor itself erupted. "Kyrie" he had screamed, "Kyrieeeeee.." Finally he heard an answering scream and had bolted toward it. He could barely make out a form in the dark murky waters. As he approached he saw it was his beloved Kyrie and she looked injured, favoring her wing. He had screamed "I'm coming Kyrie" and just as he reached her, another blast had come directly below them, hot lava streaming directly for them. He had grabbed Kyrie and rocketed towards the surface. He felt the heat on his tail as they ascended, "almost there" he had muttered to himself. The heat was unbearable, and he let out a loud screech as the burning embers scorched his body. It seemed like an eternity, but they finally reached the surface and jettisoned into the night sky to safety.

Flying over the same waters under the bright sunlight, he wondered, "What is to become of us now?"

~ * The End * ~

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